Tired of Mindless Work Instead of Saving the World?

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In little sectors the clash between work reality and expectations of staff is as wide as in the development cooperation or aid sector. The idea that a job in this area will provide a sense of existential meaning and fulfillment is widespread. However, daily routine often looks quite different: Instead of working with beneficiaries or partner organizations towards a better world and future many end up with lots of administrative work, institutional coordination and endless approval cycles. Hundreds of emails that need to be read, deleted or answered, combined with general work overload and inefficient working tools make time even more precious. To this day-to-day reality, challenges in volatile political contexts, corruption or lacking ownership of partner organizations or governments can add up to a frustrating mix.

How can this situation been improved? Well, there is no remedy for all of these challenges. But one for sure we can suggest: with our WebMo software you can make work more joyful and efficient. Thus, it allows you to have more time for the real important stuff! Our flexible software is specifically designed for development organizations and improves project and knowledge management significantly. Adapted to the needs of development professionals it is easy to handle even without any special IT knowledge. 

Over 50 development projects all around the globe already trust in WebMo. Want to get more information? Check http://www.energypedia-consult.com/en/it-solutions/webmo