Open-source for a Reason

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At energypedia consult we use open-source software because we believe in its functional strength and the philosophy behind it. All our platforms run with the open-source software MediaWiki and its various extensions that have been developed for creating the world’s biggest encyclopedia named Wikipedia. But why be passionate about open-source? From our point of view, open-source solutions have a number of clear advantages compared to classical software, especially considering the context of development cooperation:

  • No outdated software thanks to a committed, worldwide community: The users benefit from continuous software development by ICT engineers around the world.
  • No dependency on a single service provider: We strive to build a long-lasting relationship to our customers thanks to quality service and results, not by establishing dependency. Hence, our customers have full access to the source code and therefore can at all times work on it themselves or engage other local ICT specialists to do so.
  • Strengthening ICT in developing countries: With our open-source approach we want to promote IT knowledge transfer to and IT capacity building in developing countries.
  • It also speaks your language: Since the origin of the software is Wikipedia, our platforms can be used in almost all languages of the world.
  • Accessible also with weaker internet: The MediaWiki software and our tools focus only on functions that are really necessary for the success of our customer's targets. As a result, our platforms also work well in developing countries with weaker internet connection.

Above all, we believe in the wiki philosophy that comes with the software: Everyone in a project team has something to contribute and should be able to do so. This openness will increase the efficiency and transparency of projects in the development sector.

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