Tsunami or water on a mill? Digital change in the non-profit sector

Target group: Professionals in the international non-profit sector

The COVID-19 crisis is currently forcing a lot of teams to take a crash course in home officing, handling of online meeting software and remote management. It is fantastic to see how adaptive and creative people become in collaborating with their team and digital tools certainly play a vital role in it. But what does it mean to "go digital"? Is it about video calls? About Artificial Intelligence? What is so revolutionary about it? And what about the risks, like privacy?

In this online training we would like you to take a step back and reflect on the digital change process in your organization. Digital change is as much about the digital tools we use as it is about digital culture, skills and, importantly, data. The interplay of these four define how ready we are to create a digital vision and strategy. At energypedia consult we have been consulting development projects on the design and introduction of digital tools for years. While we are convinced of their positive potential, we are critical users ourselves and know: Not everything should be digital, nor does digital solve all our problems, nor is everything useful that is fancy and expensive. Join us to learn how to look at digital change in a structured way and listen to practical experiences from our consulting work with non-profits.

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Session time is CEST

60 Minutes
Next dates: 
Wed, 23.9.2020 - 14:00